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Welcome to HongKong-London.com.

Are you planning your flight from Hong Kong to London?
Here you will find the best offers for flights to London from Hong Kong.

In addition to that, we propose also a selection of the best hotels in London, categorized by their star ratings, and the best car hire deals, just in case you would like to enjoy your vacation with a lot of autonomy.

British Airlines Hong Kong > London 0 (direct) 12h 50m from HK$ 3,680 www.ba.com
Cathay Pacafic Hong Kong > London 0 (direct) 12h 45m from HK$ 3,720 www.cathaypacific.com
Virgin Atlantis Hong Kong > London 0 (direct) 13h 00m from HK$ 3,680 http://www.virginatlantic.com
Air New Zeland Hong Kong > London 0 (direct) 13h 05m from HK$ 3,580 www.airnewzealand.com.hk
Air New Zeland Hong Kong > London 0 (direct) 12h 55m from HK$ 3,680 www.qantas.com.au
Airfrance Hong Kong > Paris > London 1 (in Paris) 15h 45m from HK$ 3,930 www.airfrance.com.hk
Air New Zeland Hong Kong > Dubai > London 1 (in Dubai) 18h 40m from HK$ 4,580 www.emirates.com
Air New Zeland Hong Kong > Amsterdam > London 1 (in Amsterdam) 15h 20m from HK$ 3,930 www.klm.com
Qatar Airways Hong Kong > Doha > London 1 (in Doha) 18h 25m from HK$ 3,650 www.qatarairways.com
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